The Indian authorities are reportedly focused on trade between India and Pakistan that they suspect is being used to fund the activities of separatists in the Kashmir valley.

India and Pakistan have been in dispute over territory in the valley for nearly seventy years.

The Indian authorities in 2013 claimed that Kashmiri separatist group Hizbul Mujahideen had used cross-border trade between Pakistan and India to fund its activities.

India maintains that at least US$12 million had been raised by Pakistan-based separatists posing as traders who, with the help of truck drivers, used cross-border trade to send funds and weapons to separatists based in India.

According to Indian investigators, the traders under-invoiced goods sent from Pakistan.

Trade ban
Indian officials are now reportedly pressing for a ban on border trade with Pakistan in the region to crack down on what they are concerned is an ongoing problem.

According to media reports, a team of officials from India’s Enforcement Directorate recently visited a trade facilitation centre at the border town of Uri.

The officials reportedly inspected documents that they said indicated that trading activities were currently being used to fund separatist activities.