The UK-based Royal Institute of International Affairs, more commonly known as Chatham House, is hosting its third Illicit Financial Flows conference in London on 19 November.

The conference organised by the non-profit and non-governmental think-tank aims to deliver expert insights from senior policy-makers and key stakeholders on the illicit finance landscape to determine effective approaches for both public and private actors.

Understanding IFFs

Key topics to be addressed include the identification of areas that have seen the most significant increases in illicit financial flows (IFFs).

The conference will also look at the different forms IFFs take and how an understanding of these forms can inform disruption strategies.

Technological advances

Participants will also examine how money laundering and terrorism finance networks have developed in the past 12 months and assess how successful international efforts have been in combatting them.

The conference will also look at the risks and opportunities presented by recent advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data.

The mission of Chatham House is to analyse and promote the understanding of major international issues.

More details on the Chatham House conference Illicit Financial Flows can be found here.