The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF), an organisation with the sole objective of improving the performance of tax administrations in Africa, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Pan African Parliament (PAP) to combat illicit flows (IFFs).

The MoU aims to engage parliaments across Africa in the process of drafting strong legislation that cracks down on IFFs and enables governments to capture tax revenue.

Formal cooperation

The MoU signed in Kigali, Rwanda seeks to formalise cooperation between African parliaments and ATAF on tax policy and tax administration reforms on the African continent.

According to a statement issued by ATAF’s headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, the MoU contemplates capacity building and tax education for members of parliament through ATAF.

Advocacy and collaboration

The MoU also calls for a stronger advocacy role for members of parliament on tax issues, including domestic revenue capture.

Additionally, it contemplates collaborative tax research initiatives between PAP and ATAF.

ATAF has been endorsed by the African Union as the continent’s principal organisation on tax matters.