Quarterly Trade Tech Talks

The speakers are top tech experts in trade finance and trade finance compliance from around the globe.

Expert opinion on trends, considerations, hot topics and challenges in the area of trade finance Compliance.

What challenges do you see for a digital trade future?

Michael Byrne of IIBLP talks about Digital Trade in Tampa 2023

Most would agree that the path towards digitization for #tradefinance is fraught with many challenges.

Bringing trade and #workingcapital products into the digitalized future requires buy-in, personnel, and cooperation. This topic and its offshoots regularly appear at our conferences around the globe.

Vessel Ownership Risks

A discussion on the world of ship ownership and the risk exposure for financial institutions and others with not knowing who owns the ships you use.

A white paper on vessel risk

The paper analyzes the relationship between the availability of a vessel’s beneficial owner information, and the risk of criminal or sanction-violating behavior as well as addresses the relative risks associated with where a vessel is flagged.

JP Morgan team up with Cleareye.ai

ClearTrade – a trade financing digitising solution

JP Morgan partners AI/ML platform Cleareye to digitise trade finance operations. JP Morgan has partnered with California-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform Cleareye.ai to streamline and digitise trade finance transactions

Managing Shipping Risk for Trade Finance

Vessel tracking compliance issues, Webinar, 2022

This webinar comes on the heels of the release of the white paper dedicated to vessel tracking compliance issues and the need for greater awareness surrounding OFAC’s recommendations on the matter.